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what is a Bitcoin and how does it works

Bitcoin is popular Crypto currency that enables instant payments to anyone,anywhere  in the world.Bit coin system works without central bank or single administrator.It is the first Decentralized digital currency. Officially there are no authorized persons for bitcoin.But there is a Read More

Controversial statements of president Donald Trump on H1B visa regulations and effect on Indian employees

WHAT IS H1B VISA The H1B is a Visa in United States under the immigration and nationality act. This act allows United States employers to employ foreign workers in specialty occupations. They are highly skilled workers or highly specialized knowledge Read More

Artificial Intelligence

What is Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence(AI) is an automation of intelligence.It is a study of systems that can think like human beings.Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field that has a long history but is still constantly and actively growing and Read More

top 10 smart phones in 2017 android

TOP 10 smart phones 2017 android In this post we can have a glance over the top 10 smart phones in 2017. Samsung,Google,one plus,LG,Sony Xperia,htc,Honor companies  have released most advanced phones never before. Google android operating system is acquiring vast Read More

Popular SEO techniques

TECHNIQUES FOR SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION search engine optimization (SEO)is used for optimizing the website presence in search results.There are different methods that are used to higher the rankings the search engine.  when someone searches some keyword in Google search engine, Read More

google pixel 2 smart mobile phone

Google pixel 2 smart phone Google pixel 2 smart phone is the updated version of Google pixel. pixel 2 was launched in November 2017 . it’s a 5 inch display phone with 1080*1920 pixels resolution. Its a high end category Read More