artificial intelligence

What is Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence(AI) is an automation of intelligence.It is a study of systems that can think like human beings.Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a field that has a long history but is still constantly and actively growing and changing.

In AI problem is considered as a goal.The traditional goals of Artificial intelligence are Natural language processing,machine learning,computer vision,knowledge representation,robotics and automated reasoning or knowledge.

In 1950 Allen Turing proposed a test. A computer(system) must have these capabilities to pass the test.

There is also a test that system will check whether he/she  is having intelligence or not this is called as reverse Allen Turing test.

artificial intelligence

various techniques of AI:

There are three techniques in AI

  1. Search:I t is way of finding solutions to the problems that cannot be solved directly
  2. Use of knowledge:Its is a way of finding solutions to the complicated problems by means of maniplating structure of object.
  3. Abstract:Isolating important aspects.

components of AI:

components_of_ai,foundations,artificial intelligence

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