Digital Marketing


                                                   Digital marketing is a platform for marketing using digital technologies.It is also be called as online marketing. Market is a place where the buyer and seller meets. Digital market is a medium which brings customers to our sites , who are interested about that particular product. It contributes in branding awareness.

Ease of access and effectiveness of the product. We can promote the product in an easy and simple ways using digital marketing. The awareness of the product will be driven by the content which we provide in our sites . They will provide the information about that particular product.


                                                         Based on our content Google search engine will direct audience to the site. Most of the audience search for the content from google search engine. So,we have to concentrate most on  google’s  point of view .

Search engine analyzes all the aspects of content and prioritize the site placement on the resultant portal. I will suggest new bloggers to select most recent keywords that generally used to type in the search engine console.  There are people who used to write reviews about the product.There are people who used to write content to educate the people about the product.

There are people who used to buy product by seeing the reviews. So,the content about the product is an important aspect of a product which is online.there are different types of techniques in online marketing.

different topics in digital marketing:

  1. Search Engine Optimization(SEO).
  2. Search Engine Marketing(SEM).
  3. Content Marketing.
  4. Influencer Marketing.
  5. Social Media Marketing.
  6. Online Reputation Marketing.
  7. Affiliate Marketing.

                                                    Now a days Digital marketing is used by the brands in number of ways to benefit their marketing efforts. It also allows customer support through 24/7 services to make customers feel support and valued. There are people who searches 40 to 50 times on online before purchasing an item.

Online user activity can be used for advertising to related customers.The users make lot of data when they step in customer journey and brands can now use the data about their customer activity by Data-driven pragmatic media buying without exposing customers privacy and users data collected from different channels like customer visits a website , reads an email, launches or installs app in mobile phone.

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