search engine optimization (SEO)is used for optimizing the website presence in search results.There are different methods that are used to higher the rankings the search engine.  when someone searches some keyword in Google search engine, he might get lots of results.

Google prioritize the websites that contains the information related to the searched keyword based on google’s algorithm.The motto of SEO is to write the content in a way that google will make your website in the first page.  There are lot of tools that provides assistance to SEO. Even though we have to do lot of things that make your website in the first page of the results.


  1. Google
  2. Bing
  4. Baidu (china)
  5. Yandex (Russia)
  6. Naver (Southkoria)


  1. Facebook
  2. whatsapp
  3. Twitter
  4. pinterest
  5. youtube

there are two types of optimization are present

  • on page optimization
  • off page optimization

on page optimization refers to popular SEO techniques which takes place  on the website.

robot. txt:

robot. txt is provided in google web master tools.It is a popular exclusion protocol which can be used for disallowing specified directories or webpages in search results.Generally, the robot. txt documents will be places at xyz. com /robots. txt. If a website does’t have a robot. txt then all the webpages and directories get into search engines.

meta tags:

every page should have unique meta tags.Meta elements provides the information about the webpage.they will be used by search engine to categorize the page correctly.The description should explain the theme of the webpage.

URL structure:

the title shoud reflect in webpage URl. special and numerical characters should not be entertain.

Image tags:

every image should have proper and relevant   file name,title and Alt text.the theme of the image should be reflected in the title.It also should reflect popular keywords.

html and xml site maps:

html site maps for the visitors.It is approved from users navigation and for better SEO exposure.In html sitemaps you can see all the available webpages in the website.

xml sitemaps is for robots.xml. sitemaps can besubmitted and tested in Google search console(google web master tools).

Internal linking

every page should be properly connected to rest of the pages through proper linking.

canonical tag:

If the same content is present in multiple pages then we have to use canonical tag by stressing spacial focus on popular tag.the tags should be present in the head section only.

off page optimization techniques:

Link building is the crucial dimension of off page optimization.If our link is present in others website then it is called as inbound link/inlink/incoming/back link.

Google considers quality and quantity dimensions of a backlink.

  • Directory submission
  • Article submission
  • Article book marking
  • Social book marking
  • Link exchanging
  • forum posting
  • local search engine submision
  • classified or add posting
  • guest post
  • Answers
  • Image sharing
  • Video sharing
  • Document sharing
  • Pod cast sharing
  • Google business maps
  • commenting
  • Reviews

hope you have enjoyed.

comment  which is the most interesting techniques that you know

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